As a full service Realtor and ASP Stager, I understand the importance of preparing your home to sell quickly and for the most money.  Staging presents your home as you want "Buyers" to see it.

As a Real Estate Agent I understand what Buyers are looking for when they are ready to purchase a home.  Let me prepare your home by listing it to sell, Staging it for Showing, and receiving the highest offers possible.  Staged homes are not only presented on personal websites, they are presented on Stagedhomes.com with thousands of viewers like yourself, every day.

If you want more money for your home with the least amount of effort, contact me.  Let me do the work for you.  Remember "If they can't see it, they won't buy it".  

Staging your home for sale is a system used to prepare homes for sale. It is proven to help properties sell faster and for more money. Staging is not redecorating; rather it is a series of researched and proven techniques developed by a Stager to make a home appeal more to a buyer rather than its current owner. Like a personal makeover, Staging plays up a homes strong points and minimizes its weaknesses. Staging offers clear directions for home sellers to utilize such as evaluating a homes interior and exterior appearance, assessing the home against a checklist of pre-set Staging guidelines, and utilizing proven techniques to Stage for maximize sales appeal.

If you have ever sold a car you know you went to great length's to make sure it was clean inside and out.  You washed and waxed the car.  You cleaned the windows and maybe even put something in it to make it smell nice.  What you did was "Stage" your car.  Staging a home has the same concept. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time either by email, phone or fax.